How Gardeners and Cooks Turned Their Hobby Into a Business

30 Apr 2021
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During the pandemic, a lot of people lost their jobs, and some of them turned to hobbies to fill their days. Some of those hobbyists have turned their passions into cash, and made a career out of what they love to do. Bailey Ienuso, a mom of three, picked up baking as a hobby, and after some great feedback, she launched Bloom Bread and Bakeshop on Facebook. In Brooklyn, Thomas Mulzac started growing herbs in his backyard garden. Now the 21-year-old college senior has launched a line of spices.

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  • In Chinese crisis is translated as opportunity. People is very afraid of changes. We need to adapt and grow

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  • Although covid sucks, it kinda improved some people's lives

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  • So inspiring. Congratulations to them and I hope I succeed in it too 🤞🏽

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  • She looks like a older version of Addison Rae.

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  • I cant lie those dog treats look good lmfaoo

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  • And then there’s me in 9th grade sitting on a couch watching other ppl be successful

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  • Oh my ❤️ Conor is making not only his pup's happy but other's too with those delicious doggie cookies

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  • When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! -- Literally!

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  • ...I should really get a hobby, no one will pay me for the playing games all day 😭

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  • Knowing how big companies like Walmart, Target and Amazon work, they’ll probably stomp this out so they can keep their customers coming back each day

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  • This pandemic is making ppl do their own business to make money goes to show we dont have to work for nobody but ourselves

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  • This just motivated me to start growing my own weed

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  • i really want to make a business so bad rn after watching this

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  • How awesome for them. I love seeing something good come out of something bad. The Pandemic did not stop them in their tracks. Great work everyone 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  • I started selling P. Ness pics on OnlyFans. Great business.

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  • Smell good on yummy herbs

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  • In one year I bet they will all be bankrupt

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  • Baking is no problem. Currently working on a small menu. It's the gardening that is killing me. That is an issue for me.

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  • Being good in trade is the way to go!! Stop spending money on college unless u wanna be a doctor or lawyer!

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  • I don't get how you can garden whenever I garden all my food gets eaten by bugs

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  • that guy who is growing herbs, it doesn't seem like he has much space to grow them I wonder if it's more of like an image thing rather than him actually growing all the herbs himself?

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  • My hobby is to paint now I want to sell my paintings 🖼

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    • My hobby is drawing. I am working on a new game that I will create with Nintendo after the Coronavirus pandemic. The game will be title LaraLand. 🎮

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    • You know covid gave such a great time for us to make a business out of something you know

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  • Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! These people made the most of a difficult situation and found success in their hobbies. Very admirable!

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    • @Dairbarely omg same here i meant farming not only save me food but money too most of the time i sell it at the market and gave me money like one onion i sell is like 4 dollars no jk and by selling 10 is alot already

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    • Right? I’ve always wanted a little garden but my yard isn’t big enough 😅. I hate living in the city

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    • I just started learning how to farm a few months ago and it is very rewarding you won't regret it

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